The Ramsgate Hovercraft: trailer for new album

The Ramsgate Hovercraft presents its video trailer for the new album, Cinéma Vérité, released on 1st February 2015. The video features Claire Dugué whose electric rock hurdy gurdy graces the vinyl and who will be joining the band on stage for the album launch party on 28th February at Ramsgate Music Hall. You can buy the album online now from Bandcamp and a full download is included in the price.


The Ramsgate Hovercraft – new album expected February

The Hovercraft is close to completing recording for the follow-up album to Arcane Empire. A couple of the new tracks were debuted in August when the band played Ramsgate Music Hall: Gala, which features in this video of the live performance, and The Blue Cloak of Deceit Blues which closed the set. We’ve been very busy jamming, editing and mixing and the last few months have been really successful in terms of producing a quantity of new music. We were recently joined in the studio by friend of the Hovercraft and talented hurdy-gurdy maker and player Claire Dugué who laid down some stirring and inventive sounds for the album. So pretty soon we’ll be finalizing the mixes, mastering and putting them together with artwork to send off to the manufacturers – we’ll keep you posted and maybe share a few samples of what to expect.