The Buescher True-Tone

IMGP1273Here is my beautiful Buescher True-Tone alto saxophone. After many years of shameful neglect it has recently been completely overhauled by the lovely people at Crowthers of Canterbury. They took over two weeks and gave me back a transformed instrument – to the extent that I had to spend a while getting to know it again. But it’s a pleasure to play now and even the tone is subtly improved.

Buescher was a US saxophone manufacturer. There are plenty of web sites that cover its interesting history so I won’t repeat it here. Some of those sites also carry the company’s records of serial numbers by year so it was possible to find out that mine was manufactured in 1926, much earlier than I had expected. The instruments they produced have an excellent reputation, having a very good tone although a tendency to sharpness in the upper register. This one came into my possession in the mid 1970’s, I believe from a stint in the BBC Light Orchestra but I have no knowledge of its earlier history. It is intriguing to speculate what adventures it may have had along the way. The somewhat dilapidated state of the case, on the outside at any rate, suggests that it very well may be the original.

The True-Tone can be heard on several of the tracks we are working on for our forthcoming album – watch out for clips coming to this blog soon.