Hovercraft App available for iPhone

Following last year’s announcement of an app for Android, The Ramsgate Hovercraft has released an iPhone version of the same app.

The app, which only works in Ramsgate, UK, is loaded with loops specially created by the band, which are played back as you wander round Ramsgate. The app uses your phone’s GPS location to decide which loops to play and how to mix them so you hear a constantly changing soundscape unique to your journey through Ramsgate.

The app requires an iPhone 6 or later and around 500MB of free space.

Go to Apple App Store (or Amazon Appstore for Android) and search for “The Hovercraft Experience”.

Here is a short preview of the app in action:


Video – The Ramsgate Hovercraft at Pie Factory Margate

The Ramsgate Hovercraft played for Margot Bandola’s stunning exhibition “Myth, Memory & Lightning” at Pie Factory Margate on 21st October 2016. The set was an improvised ambient soundscape responding to the art surrounding the band and audience.


News! New Hovercraft album to be released January 2017 – another double vinyl treasure to bewitch the ears and boggle the mind. Watch this space for further details.

The Ramsgate Hovercraft at Pie Factory Margate

Surrounded by the entrancing and sometimes disturbing work of Margot Bandola at Pie Factory Margate on Friday, The Ramsgate Hovercraft performed two extended ambient electronic improvisations. The band’s musical response to the environment was assisted by an appreciative crowd and several dogs who occasionally voiced their approval. The experience could only have been enhanced had a mysterious and beautiful dancer emerged to perform a magical improvised dance as the band played. Which was exactly what happened. It felt like a blessing.

Found Out, Caught and Tried is on at Pie Factory Margate until 31st March


Photo by Dik Ng

The Ramsgate Hovercraft live at Ramsgate Music Hall – video

Here’s the first video from the August 17th gig, with The Ramsgate Hovercraft giving the first live performance of Gala, one of several new tracks that we’ve been working on for the next album, which we’ve tentatively scheduled for release in January 2015.

Thanks to Margot Bandola and Andy Barrett for camera work.

Great review of Arcane Empire in Record Collector magazine

bcalbumart“…each of these 13 songs is a delicately layered, sumptuous odyssey.”

We’ve very excited that Record Collector magazine has given our debut album Arcane Empire a four-star, glowing review.

“…will continue to reveal sumptuous sonic surprises each and every time it’s played.”

You can sample and buy the album at Bandcamp.

In the meantime we’re hard at work rehearsing for the upcoming gig at Ramsgate Music Hall which we’re really looking forward to – not long to go now, tickets still available here.

Poster for Ramsgate Music Hall gig

Arcane Empire test pressings have arrived

The test pressings of Arcane Empire have arrived from Germany and they’re sounding great. The quality of the pressing is impressive, with clear, rich tones across the whole spectrum, giving the music added presence and life. Much relief that all the hard work that went into mixing and mastering has paid off, as has the decision to go vinyl in the first place.

In the meantime the band is busy working on new tracks, some of which will be available as free downloads  for purchasers of the album and some of which are candidates for the next album.

There’s still time to join the project and reserve your copy of Arcane Empire at http://igg.me/at/arcane-empire

The Ramsgate Hovercraft