The Hovercraft Experience – App support

Please see below for answers to frequently-asked questions. If this doesn’t answer your question then please email us for support at


I don’t hear any audio

Your phone must be in the area covered by the app. This is most of the town of Ramsgate in the UK as shown in the map. Outside this area the app will run but no audio will be heard.

Screenshot from 2019-03-17 14-26-21

Is your GPS enabled? The app will attempt to enable GPS but you may need to grant it permission – try going to Settings>Apps, select The Hovercraft Experience and touch on Permissions. Additionally your phone will need to be in a in a location that can receive GPS signals – GPS does not always work inside buildings for example.

The audio doesn’t change as I move

Well thanks, Google, Android Oreo introduces a new “feature”: when an app goes into background (you put your phone in your pocket and the screen goes off) it only gets location updates “a few times an hour”. We’re working on it and will have a fix as soon as we can. Rumour is this “feature” might be rolled back in the next release.

UPDATE: a new release of the Android app was published on Amazon Appstore on 13th April 2019 including a fix for the Oreo background location update issue.