synthsFrom initial collaborations on a pair of lovely old synths – a Korg and a Teisco, also stirring an analogue, soulful Roland polyphonic into the scene – this music came about.


Who are these Hovercraft?

Mark Bandola (whose background can be found in 1980’s post-punk quartet The Lucy Show and 21st century solo CDs as Typewriter ) contributes his guitars, keyboards, plus a smattering of bass and percussive rhythms. The arranging skills he developed during his earlier projects are employed to great effect on this new material.

Kit Jolly plays a myriad of keyboards, as well as saxophone to colour the sound/landscape. He can sometimes concoct a rhythm of the industrial variation. A natural for a beautiful and sometimes haunting melody, he changes the set by exploring the sonic side of things. His self-created electronic instruments like the Tin-0-sizeR make noises particularly unique to the group.

In the throes of originality there are always roots to be found, and The Ramsgate Hovercraft has cast a wide and tangled net for those looking for clues. Both Jolly and Bandola are keen visual artists and theirs is music as theatre in a blackened room – rich in its tones as abstract expressionism but also as placid as the top of a lake or slow-motion owls before a harvest moon.

The debut Arcane Empire, due in November, will be followed by more music soon – and who’s to say what it will sound like. The answer will be tucked away in the joy of music-making. As always.


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