Planning the Album at Caboose

The Ramsgate Hovercraft recently paid a visit to one of our favourite café bars, Caboose, in Queen Street, Ramsgate in order to take stock of progress on the album and to plan for its completion. The good news is that we already have more than enough material for a double album, meaning that we will have some flexibility in choosing and arranging what goes on it and additional material maybe for bonus downloads or even to make a start on the next album. We identified a relatively small amount of work needed to finish a few tracks that are not quite complete and expect to have that work done in the next few weeks. That just leaves the practicalities of making a sleeve, getting the discs pressed, spreading the word and so on. We finished up feeling pretty positive about the whole project.

Caboose is a top café bar, being small and friendly with good food and drink. There is often music in the evening, often featuring world-class musicians. Mike, the proprietor, is himself a working musician and is planning to open a recording studio nearby.



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